Huriot — Fast applicant tracking solutions for small businesses

Faster, Fairer Hiring for Small Businesses

How does Huriot help small businesses hire faster?

Huriot is different to other applicant tracking solutions.

Getting rid of resumes makes finding talent faster and fairer.

Resumes only show you an applicant's past jobs and what the applicant wants you to know about their background.

Huriot shows you how applicants match your needs, as soon as they apply.

Huriot captures essential data for hiring, including:

Knowledge specific things that an applicant knows

Skills the capabilities of an applicant

Qualities the character traits of an applicant

Tasks tasks and activities an applicant has previously done

Managers tell Huriot what they want

Helps you define your needs

With a few quick clicks, you tell Huriot about the skills, knowledge, qualities you need from an applicant, and the tasks that they need to have previously done. Huriot even writes the job description for you

Increases applicant numbers

Huriot posts your jobs to other job boards, including Google Jobs, helping you attract outstanding applicants

Applicants tell Huriot what they can do

Built for mobile devices

Ever tried to write a resume, or fill out a long application form, on a mobile device? It's not easy

Huriot asks applicants simple screening questions that assess their skills, knowledge, and qualities, and the tasks that they have previously done. No resume required, so that any applicant can apply, from anywhere, on any device

Helps applicants stand out

Huriot asks applicants questions on their skills, knowledge, and qualities, as well as the tasks they have done before, helping applicants show managers what they can really do, rather than just listing their previous jobs

Huriot shows managers the best matches

Shows you matches

Huriot cuts the pain out of the screening process, instantly showing you the applicants that best match your needs

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