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Eight Things to Include in EVERY Job Description

Posted by Simon Jones October 20, 2022

So you've decided to hire someone. The first hurdle in the way of finding someone? Your job description.

It is amazing how little thought managers give to the job description. Make it too long - applicants won't read it. Too short - it won't tell applicants what they need to know. And everyone seems to have their own idea of what it should contain.

Huriot can help. Follow our guide on the eight key things to include in your job description and you will give applicants everything they need.


1. A summary of your organization and the role

What does your organization do? Why are you hiring the role? Whet the applicant’s appetite

2. Location and work shifts

Is the role in-person, hybrid, or remote? Do you need someone to work specific shifts or times? Is the role full time, part time, or flexible?

3. Requirements

These are the hard, non-negotiable elements of the role, which if applicant must have to be considered for the role. For example, a driving license, or membership of a professional body. Every single requirement is hurdle for someone to jump over, so keep these focused.

Challenge your own assumptions. Does the successful applicant need to have a degree? Do they really need to have done the exact, same job for five years? In that case, these are not requirements. Instead, break out the specific knowledge and skills applicants will have learned from formal education and their career to-date.

4. Tasks

The day-to-day things the successful applicant will do in the job. Keep these short and specific, and action oriented. A sales assistant job might include: processing customer transactions, or providing advice and guidance on products and services.

For each of these tasks, you should then define how experienced you need applicants to be for them. In a very fast-paced retail role, for example, you might want someone who is highly experienced and can coach and mentor others on handling customer issues.

5. Knowledge

What subjects and topics that the applicant should bring to the role? If you run a sports store, you might want applicants to have knowledge of a particular sport. If you run a pre-school, you might want applicants to know your state’s education requirements for preschoolers.

6. Skills

What are the things an applicant should bring to the role? These should be generic and transferable from other roles and formal education. Think math skills, or technology skills.

7. Qualities

What are the character traits of your ideal applicant? Do you want someone who works independently or someone who is good at working with others? Do you want someone who demonstrates a willingness to learn, or someone who exercises leadership?

8. Salary and benefits

Would you exert time and effort applying for a role if you didn’t know what it paid or the benefits associated with it? Do you really want to find an outstanding match for your role, who at the end rejects the role because the salary isn’t high enough? Be transparent and save yourself time.

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