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Why we are getting rid of resumes

Posted by Simon Jones April 13, 2022

Huriot was born out of frustration.

Frustration at how broken hiring is right now, how little help there is for hiring managers to find the best applicants, how many hoops applicants get asked to jump through.

For all the talk of the 'Great Resignation' and worker shortages, how people hire hasn't really changed in forever.

We are still asking for applicants to spend way too long writing resumes and cover letters, we are still acting like we care why the applicant wants the job, and we still spend too long looking back at what applicants did previously, rather thinking what they would bring to a new role.

Some of the 'new solutions' actually make things worse.

Games and assessments? ... just give you people good at playing games and passing tests. Artificial Intelligence? can computers possibly assess and judge the intangible qualities that make an applicant an outstanding fit for your organization?

Why does this matter? Because how you hire is a key factor in the number and quality of applicants you are getting. Huriot is different. No really, we are really different.


Huriot is different. No, really.

Every single product on the market promises 'faster', 'better' hiring. We deliver it. We do so by drilling down to what a hiring manager actually needs and wants.

We help you define the specific skills, experience, availability, and strengths your ideal applicant should have.

We then ask better questions of applicants, to help you to really get to know them and understand them. No more wasting the time of applicants, asking them to write resumes or long-winded answers you never actually read.

Because we know what you want, and what applicants can do, we show you the applicants that best match your needs.

We can save you time, money, and find you better applicants

Big promises, we know. Try us for free, see how we are different.

Ready to get started?

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